One of the capital’s most wonderful buildings  The Guardian
Welcome to St George’s Church Bloomsbury
The Church of England parish church of Bloomsbury A church for all people
Services: Sundays  -  10.30am The Parish Eucharist. Sundays - 1:00pm Korean Anglican Service Tuesdays - Thursdays 9am Morning Prayer. Wednesdays and Fridays at 1.10pm Holy Communion. Coming events: Lent Course - Being Human 6.30pm Tuesdays 19, 26 March, 2, 9 April       What does it mean to be a person? What might it mean to say we are made in the image of God? Questions and discussion using the book by Rowan Williams. An opportunity to refresh and deepen your faith. In the hall at the back of the church. Lent Lunch 10.30am Sunday 31 March A simple lunch of soup and cheese. Come and Sing! Stainer’s Crucifixion Palm Sunday, 14th April Join the choral scholars of St George’s, Bloomsbury for a Palm Sunday performance of Stainer’s masterpiece. Details here.
One of the capital’s most wonderful buildings  The Guardian
Greetings from St George’s, the Parish Church  of Bloomsbury. Our church is here for all people,  regardless of background. It is a place to meet  your neighbours and  to explore the Christian  faith in a rational and open-minded fashion. We  don’t think that we have the answers to all the  problems that life can bring, but we do believe  that the Christian faith is about helping each  other with them. We also believe that the  Christian faith is as much about curiosity as it is  about belief, and as much about laughter as  solemnity. Sometimes people feel a little bit shy about  coming to Church; they are not quite sure what  it is they are supposed to do once there. Well,  you don’t have to do anything - just turn up and  be yourself. That’s all that God asks.  On this website you will find a lot of information  about our church and a mixture of events that  are coming up at St George’s over the next few  months. You will also find contact details if you  want a bit more information. There are also lots  of events in the pipeline as well as all sorts of  groups that meet at the Church, from the  London Chess Club, the Women’s Institute and  various choirs and music ensembles.   Please do come along and see us. If you have  never been inside the Church you may be  surprised at how beautiful it is!  The Revd David Peebles, Rector
Temporary Fencing You may have noticed that we have erected some fencing around the Portico. This is in response to increasing anti-social behaviour, fires, criminal damage and serious drug misuse. A longer-term solution is being developed which involves the World Monuments Fund, Camden Council and other statutory bodies. St George’s takes very seriously its work with homeless people and through the winter months, working with the charity C4WS we provide an evening meal, a warm, safe place to sleep inside the church, and breakfast. Rector, PCC and people of St George’s Bloomsbury
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