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NOVEMBER Friday 23rd November  7:30pm University of London Chamber Choir A Concert for St. Cecilia Britten: Hymn to St. Cecilia Howells: A Hymn for St. Cecilia More music by Tallis, Mendelssohn, Greene, Holst, Blow, Croft, Byrd and Anerio Tickets on the door £10 / Concessions £5      _____________________________________________________________ Saturday 24th November  7:30pm Scordatura Women’s Music Collective Deeds Not Words Amy Bryce: This is the House That Man Built Elizabeth Maconchy: String Quartet no. 13 (Quartetto Corto) Louise Farrenc: Nonet, Op.38 Florence Price: Swing Low Sweet Chariot Scordatura Women’s Music Collective is marking 100 years of some women having the right to vote and enter parliament by exploring how women have used music as a form of protest. 'Deeds Not Words' will feature music by Louise Farrenc (who forced the Paris Conservatoire to give her equal pay in 1849), Elizabeth Maconchy (who was refused a prize at the Royal College of Music on the basis that she would “only get married and never [write] another note”), and Florence Price (the first African-American woman to have a piece played by a major orchestra). The concert will also feature a world premiere of an exciting new piece by Amy Bryce. In ‘This is the House that Man Built’, Bryce sets the words of suffragettes describing their experiences in Royal Holloway Prison. She describes the piece as a “provocative, theatrical work for soprano and ensemble to commemorate 100 years since women won the vote. It deals with the complexities of the movement and asks us what the work of these women means to us today, one century forward.” Tickets £12/£6 on the door or at           _____________________________________________________________ Sunday 25th November  4:30pm Tredici Choir Conductor: Richard Thomas REMEMBRANCE Lobo - Versa est in luctum Gesualdo - Illumina faciem tuam Purcell - Thou knowest Lord Purcell - Remember not Lord our offences Bairstow - Let all mortal flesh keep silence Casals - O vos omnes Mawby - Prayer of Forgiveness Harris - Bring us O Lord God H. Praetorius  - Magnificat Quinti Toni / In dulci jubilo Tredici is resident at St Giles-in-the-Fields, where we rehearse on a Monday lunchtime for just one hour a week. Our association with the church of St Giles dates back to the choir’s formation, in December 2004, when Richard Thomas was invited by his late wife, Fiona, to assemble a group of singers for the Leprosy Mission’s annual carol service. There were 13 in the choir at that first event – hence Tredici. Over the past 13 years the choir's membership has evolved into the current group of around 36, all of whom are experienced singers drawn from a variety of leading London choirs including the Philharmonia Chorus, the BBC Symphony Chorus and the London Symphony Chorus. Admission free, suggested donation £8      _____________________________________________________________ DECEMBER Thursday 6th December  7:30pm London Concord Singers Conductor: Jessica Norton From Darkness to Light Starting with Brahms’ Warum ist das licht gegeben, we move through works by Tallis, Schumann, Saint-Saens, Charles Wood and Britten plus contemporary music by John Tavener, Judith Bingham, Ola Gjeilo, Cecilia McDowell and Julian Merson, finally arriving in the glorious light of Bax’s Mater Ora Filium. Tickets: £15 and £5 for under 25s      _____________________________________________________________ Saturday 15th December  7:30pm Renaissance Singers Director: Dr. David Allinson Songs of Shepherds and Angels • Morales’s Christmas Mass Cristóbal de Morales based his lush Missa Quaeramus cum pastoribus on an immensely popular popular motet by  Mouton. In reworking the original material he transformed its breezy, taut four-voice textures into larger canvasses of lush, five-part polyphony, dividing the basses throughout to create rich sonorities that culminate in a seven-fold division of forces for the Agnus Dei.   To contrast with the Mass, we sing reduced-texture seasonal motets by Morales, along with works by his greatest Spanish successor, Victoria, and by Victoria’s successor at the Collegio Germanico in Rome, Annibale Stabile. An uplifting evening of festive polyphony that will be perfectly complemented by the mince pies and mulled wine available at the interval! Tickets: In Advance to Wednesday 12th December: £12/ £10 (concessions) Thereafter: £14/ £12 (concessions)      _____________________________________________________________ Thursday 20th December  7:30pm Dorian Chamber Orchestra Musical Director: Samuel Huston Music by the Viennese Masters and Beyond  D. Gilchrist:  Fantasy on a theme by Anton Webern J. Haydn: Symphony No. 6 – Le Matin F. Schubert: Symphony No. 5 Dorian Chamber Orchestra’s 2018-19 concert series continues with a programme of music by the Viennese Masters and beyond. The concert begins with a new work by Daniel Gilchrist drawing on the language of the Second Viennese School and synthesising it into his own style. This forms the perfect contrast to a concert otherwise dominated by works by two of the composers that have come to epitomise what we now think of as a First Viennese School. Joseph Haydn's Symphony No. 6 shows the continuing legacy of the concerto grosso style on Haydn's early symphonies, with virtuosic writing for soloists across the orchestra. Schubert's Symphony No. 5  is a work written as an homage to an earlier age. The reduced scoring mimics that of the Haydn work and this is a largely pastoral and amicable piece of music written in a post-Mozartean style. Especially notable across both of these symphonies is the writing for the woodwind, and especially flute, which is prominent throughout. Tickets: £12, £6 on the door £10, £5 in advance from:      _____________________________________________________________
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