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APRIL Wednesday 18th April - Wednesday 2nd May St George’s Festival Heavenly Majestic Skylines Wed 18th April - Wed 2nd May 11am - 6pm (except Sundays & Mondays) A series of seven A1 photographs captured by fine art photographer Simon-James Smith. “What is it that we find appealing about clouds?” was a question that a dear friend of mine, Astrid, asked on a cold January afternoon when assisting me in the final edit to choose the seven photographs for this exhibition. It was a question that I pondered on for a few weeks: what was it that first attracted my eye to take the photographs and subsequently  submit an exhibition proposal as part of the inaugural St George’s Festival. As well as their heavenly quality, I also feel, particularly with the way sunlight interacts with clouds and the beautiful colours that the interaction can cause, that this also brings a majestic feel to the skyline. Hence the name chosen for this exhibition. For me, to be a photographer is to be an observer of the world around us. The camera is a mere tool through which observations can be captured. In my fine art photography projects, I aim to capture a poetic stillness of time which makes the photographs timeless. I, Dido by Non Vaughan-Thomas Director – Micha Mirto 7:30pm Thu 26th, Fri 27th & Sat 28th April Monday 5th June 1780. As rioting continues to rage in London, a unique Bloomsbury family faces some home truths. ‘I, Dido’ recounts the story of Dido Elizabeth Belle, the daughter of a Navy Captain and a black slave. Baptised at St George's Bloomsbury and raised in the home of one of Britain’s greatest judges, Lord Mansfield, Dido was witness to the beginning of the abolitionist movement. Starring Comfort Fabian as Dido Elizabeth Belle, Non Vaughan-Thomas as Lady Betty, and Andrew Lindfield as William Murray (Lord Mansfield) DOT Productions is proud to be associated with St George’s for this festival to commemorate a tumultuous period in British history. £8, concessions £5 Tickets available through Ticketsource 0333 666 3366 or Reservations available through St George’s Bloomsbury 020 7242 1979 Silent Calligraphy 11am - 3pm Saturday 28th April The South London Lettering Association will be demonstrating a variety of calligraphic scripts in the church, in a quiet and contemplative atmosphere alongside have-a- go lettering sessions in our Upper Vestry Hall. Find out more about this ancient skill at this free event.    ______________________________________________________________________
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