One of the capital’s most wonderful buildings  The Guardian
The £9 million restoration of St George’s Bloomsbury was led and managed by the World  Monuments Fund in Britain in association with the Parochial Church Council. Donations  towards the restoration of St George’s were received from The Paul Mellon Estate, the Heritage  Lottery Fund, the Robert W. Wilson Challenge to Conserve Our Heritage, the English  Heritage/HLF Joint Places of Worship scheme and many others.  The finishing touch was the installation in October 2009 of a 17th century Dutch chandelier,  kindly loaned from the Victoria and Albert Museum where it formerly graced the Grand  Entrance.  Over two metres wide at its core with thirty-six scrolling branches, it is a rare  example of a north-west European chandelier from that period. We would like to thank the  Victoria and Albert Museum for loaning the chandelier to St George’s Bloomsbury and for all  their support during its installation.    For further information on the restoration of St George’s Bloomsbury, please read the tour page or visit
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